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Timing of the Midterm

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Timing of the Midterm Empty Timing of the Midterm

Post by Prof.Dave Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:23 pm

As I noted in class, I have been having some logistical difficulty -- soon to be resolved, I hope! -- in getting things set up so that you can do assigned problems over the web on the Mastering Physics site, just as you did in the Fall term for Prof. McLean. Once I get that sorted out, I will set you some specific problems, and be able to capture some measure of your performance to contribute to your marks. Because that's taking some time, however, and you haven't had any formally assigned homework from me, I would like to defer the midterm until after Reading Week, in one of the lectures (on a date yet to be determined). In the meantime, I will press on with the Mastering Physics issue.
In addition, I will be suggesting a list of chapter-end problems from the Pearson text that you should be looking at. (That will be announced with a separate posting, hopefully later today [Tuesday].) To provide extra incentive for you to look at these problems, I can tell you that the midterm will contain at least a few of them (perhaps with very minor variation, but on essentially identical themes and topics). In the meantime, I know that you are doing some problem-solving in the Tutorial sessions. But the best advice I could possibly give you is to try a host of the problems yourself, both the mathematical-technical ones and the 'concept' questions. If you get stalled, don't hesitate to come to me during my office hours!


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